My Fitness Pal

My Fitness pal iPhone appWhat a great app! Owned by Under Armour, this works great on the iPhone with a bunch of other apps too, so it works in conjunction with Apple’s own Health app and it also syncs with Map My Ride which I use when cycling.

With the help of these free apps, I have managed to lose over two stone in 4 months and apart from the odd grumble in my tummy, I haven’t really gone without. I’m just more mindful.

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My ride to Harrold and back to watch the Pit Run

Millie's World Wordpress Blog Design

Millie’s World WordPress Blog Design

Millie gave me a brief and I gave her this. It turned out to be exactly what she wanted.

WordPress is probably the best blogging platform with website features and plugins that give you a brilliant looking front end with powerful mechanics and you can update it yourself.

S14 VIP Limited Website Design

S14 VIP Limited Website Design

I have been working with S14 VIP limited for ¬†a number of years, and have kept his website maintained, updated, and worked on the SEO for him dramatically increasing levels of traffic and reducing bounce rate. As a result, I have also designed their logo, produced editorials, designed leaflets etc…

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Cycling route changed


When you’ve meticulously checked your route on Google Maps, and you have a plan in mind, seeing this kind of sign that sends you off in a different direction doesn’t help!

The plus side is that it added an extra couple of miles to my ride and helped me burn 810 calories that day.

My ride to Harrold and back to watch the Pit Run

My ride to Harrold and back to watch the Pit Run

I’m no Bradley Wiggins but pleased with my efforts seeing as I was previously doing between 2 and 6 miles!

I prefer off road cycling to on road, but I rode back on the road.


Prismatic Thinking Book cover design

Prismatic Thinking book cover design

Book Cover design for Tony Slimmings’¬†Prismatic Thinking published by The Solopreneur, about employee motivation (something we could all do with learning) and techniques to get the most and best from your employees.

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